In 1994, a mathematical paper by Witztum, Rips, and Rosenberg describing the discovery of hidden codes in the Torah encrypting modern day events, dates and historical personalities was published in Statistical Science. Subsequently, best selling books and television documentaries have been produced describing the amazing Torah codes. Websites illustrating codes started appearing.

In 1999, another paper was published in Statistical Science purporting to prove that the 1994 discovery was a hoax. And websites purporting to show that Torah codes are not real started appearing. More recently, seven scientific papers on Torah codes were published at the International Conference for Pattern Recognition establishing solid evidence that the phenomenon is indeed real.

If you want to know more about the reality of Torah codes, illustrated with examples from major current events with explanations about where in the Torah the events are encoded and what it is that the Torah is saying, Rabbi Glazerson and/or Professor Haralick are available to give seminars on Torah Codes and Torah. If you are interested email