We follow the protocols detailed on torah-code.org to determine the p-level of a table. A p-level is the probability that a table as compact as the given table would have arisen by chance. Chance has a definition that is specified in the experimental protocol of the Monte Carlo experiment done to generate the table. Other Torah code researchers do not follow this discipline, or do so only for a portion of their work and do not distinguish between what follows a formal protocol and what does not. This can lead to misleading the public in serious ways. Tables produced without proper experimental protocols and not a development of tables that have been associated with proper experiments cannot properly be argued as constituting candidates for Torah codes.

All the tables illustrated here are either produced with proper experimental protocols, including the a priori specification of key words or are developments or expansions of tables that have been produced with proper experimental protocols. Those tables that are developments or expansions and were found without proper experimental protocols are not associated with p-levels.